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Stainless Cabinetry

Many of our projects include custom stainless-steel cabinetry.  For durability, safety and low lifetime maintenance; stainless-steel is a great choice.  So whether you only need a small individual unit or a complete commercial kitchen application Russco can make it happen.  From one simple unit or a large production line of cabinets Russco is here for you.

Our long-time customers favor stainless steel cabinetry because it is tough.  We replace wood cabinets all the time with custom stainless-steel cabinets. Stainless-steel will weather the elements of temperature and condensation much better over the years than wood or other materials. The appearance will also stay consistent and it will not require new stain or painting.  Reach out and let’s talk about stainless steel options like: polished, brushed, patterned or perforated. You explain your stainless-steel concept and Russco will get it done.

Wood, Solid Surface, Stone

If your commercial project requires materials like wood, solid surface or stone Russco should be your first call.  Through our partner network of suppliers we can add beautiful functional wood, solid surface and stone accents. These products create a feel and image of your business that will help define who you are to customers and team members.  We will help you make it a reality in wood, solid surface or stone.


Oftentimes we hear our restaurant and institutional customers complain that their previous kitchen equipment was not created as part of a comprehensive plan.  The pieces were put together over time and there is not a good level of compatibility and functionality. That is a situation where Russco can provide a significant solution.  Your work areas should support efficiency, worker safety and team member work satisfaction.

Our stainless-steel custom kitchen solutions are the clear choice for restaurants looking to improve operations.  If you are in charge of making your restaurant kitchen the best it can be you should reach out to the pros at Russco.  Whether your need is stainless-steel custom cabinetry or equipment solutions Russco’s design, fabrication and installation team will help you transition to a better solution.  From modifying an existing piece of equipment, improving your present space or adding additional capabilities we are here to help.

Schools and Universities

Schools and universities have unique commercial kitchen needs.  Russco works with schools and universities to help them improve their facilities.  The food demand of schools and universities happens in waves and we understand how to create institutional kitchens that fill that demand structure.  The design of your educational facility kitchen is critical to its performance.


Students, educators, administrators and parents expect an affordable, sanitary and safe kitchen design in schools and universities.  Our experience in these types of facilities is our proof that we are the clear choice in these environments. Go with the proven leader to get your project designed, fabricated and installed on budget and on time so there is no disruption in the education process.  Reach out to Russco to get “schooled” on the right way to create your school or university kitchen solution.


Hospitals, surgery centers, medical offices, labs and clinics depend on Russco to be the “go to” designer, fabricator and installer for their facilities.  We know that lives are on the line for our medical customers and that their facility designs are critical for healthy outcomes for patients and research results.  Our medical history includes elements like stainless steel countertops, clean rooms, casework, clean rooms, sinks and other customer use projects for both medical and scientific research applications.

Russco will fabricate the right stainless-steel laboratory furniture, countertops, sink hoods, casework and any other custom needs you might need.  We feel honored to team with you to help deliver quality healthcare and research. We also want to make your facilities the right solution for your valued medical team members for hospitals, surgery centers, labs, clinics and medical offices.  Make the call to Russco and know that we will work together with you to come up with the best solution.

Corporate Cafeterias

Corporate cafeterias are becoming much more popular with employers of all types.  A corporate cafeteria with the right equipment will help you deliver quality food and drinks to your team members and improve employee satisfaction and retention.  From fabrication to installation the experienced team at Russco are an important part of the team that will make your corporate cafeteria an operational success. Reach out to Russco for improving or creating your corporate cafeteria and start making everyone happier at work.

Bars, CLubs, and Casinos

Who doesn’t love this category of business?  Bars, clubs and casinos are as fun for the Russco team as well.  Russco is located in Kansas City which has become a mecca for the bar, club and casino industry and our work is evident all over the Kansas City area.  Our experienced team of craftsmen is the perfect solution to make your business operate at its peak efficiency.

Russco has provided ornamental metals like stainless-steel wall panels, formed steel sculptures and artwork for artists and custom architectural trim and equipment for bars, clubs and casinos.  The team at Russco is ready to talk about your stainless-steel fabrication and architectural sheet metal projects right now. We built the business on working with bars and clubs and then transferred that knowledge to the casino industry when casinos were built in the Kansas City area.  Contact us today and let’s get started turning your desire into a reality.

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